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GMHC - Fight Aids. Love Life.

Board of Directors

Michael C. Harwood, Co-Chair

Roberta A. Kaplan, Co-Chair

Warren N. Bimblick,* Treasurer and Chair of the Finance Committee

Osvaldo Perdomo, Secretary and Co-Chair of the Development Committee

David Boger

Lina Bradford

Nicholas Coppola, Chair of the Governance Committee

Wade Davis

Ron Dodd

Julie E. Fink*, Chair of the Audit Committee

Ari Ginsburg

Joseph A. Hall

Edward P. Krugman*

Andrew LaSalle

Josh Machiz

Timothy S. Martin

Daniel Maury, Co-Chair of the Development Committee

Joseph Neese

Kevin S. Potter, CPA

Manny Rivera

Jason W. Shaw

Joan H. Tisch

Lisa Walker

*Member of the Audit Committee of the Board of Directors