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Best Practices for Parents/Guardians and Youth:

  •  Adults and youth must work together to determine roles, plan activities, set deadlines, create guidelines, and divide tasks.
  • Establish clear goals for the partnership (Set them up for success)
  • If voting is used for decision making, youth and adults’ votes count equally.
  • Meetings must be held when youth are out of school and meetings start and end on time.
  • Adults should offer transportation for youth to/from meetings.
  • Remember that youth have other interests and priorities.
  • Do not favor and put most of the workload on certain adolescents; distribute the workload and give everyone equal tasks.
  • Choose committed, reliable, and effective young people
  • Choose adults that believe adolescents are an asset and willing to advocate for the youth when negative assumptions arise
  • Commit the highest levels of the organization to fully accept the youth’s role and participation in the organization

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