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GMHC Statement in Response to NY State Senate Resolution that Acknowledges Orlando Tragedy but Omits LGBT & Latino Language








June 14, 2016
Contact: Anthony Hayes | 917-601-0410 |


New York, New York: GMHC's statement in response to today's adopted resolution from the NY State Senate that acknowledges and recognizes the recent tragedy in Orlando, but fails to include mention of the LGBT and Latino communities.


What happened on Sunday morning at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida was a devastating tragedy. It was also an act of hatred and of violence, specifically directed toward the LGBT and Latino communities. While I am sure the NY State Senate has only the best intentions in expressing condolences to the Orlando community, it does far more harm than good to omit crucial details about the shooting. This was a targeted attack on the LGBT and Latino communities. The NY State Senate is attempting to erase history by adopting a legislative resolution about the single deadliest mass shooting in America that fails to recognize the attack as a hate crime, and omits the LGBT and Latino communities.

Once again, we are seeing our elected officials attempting to silence our voices in a time of crisis. We saw it in the earliest, darkest days of the epidemic, when President Reagan wouldn't even utter the word AIDS. And we are seeing it now. To have this resolution not include the words LGBT or Latino during the month of LGBT pride is egregious. We applaud Senator Brad Hoylman for reminding his colleagues why we can't 'condone the expunging of the words transgender, gay, lesbian, bisexual, Latino. If we won't recognize these words, then we're not fully recognizing the people who lost their lives and their loved ones who are suffering today.'  We call on the NY State Senate to amend the language of this resolution immediately.  


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