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What is SRJ activism grounded in?

  • Puts marginalized communities at the center
  • Connections to local to global & individual to community
  • Based on a Human Rights Framework
  • Has its own intersectionality of involving theory, strategy and practice
  • Addresses government and corporate responsibility
  • Has an analysis of white supremacy

  • Understands that political power, the participation of those impacted, and policy changes, are necessary to achieve SRJ
  • Applies to everyone
  • Fights all forms of population control (eugenics)
  • Commits to individual/community leadership development that results in power shifts









Developed by: Sistersong Women of Color Reproductive Health Collective

If you’re interested in attending or requesting an Advocacy and Organizing Workshop or a Sexual and Reproductive Justice Activism workshop that has a TGNB lens, please contact Kaleb at

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