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Budget Proposals

New York State Budget Priorities

Our proposals for the upcoming New York State budget for FY 2015 reflect GMHC's mission to end the HIV epidemic and uplift the lives of all affected. Scroll down for some highlights.

You can also download the full report here.

THE ISSUE: Too many HIV-positive New Yorkers without Healthcare.
131,000 HIV+ New Yorkers
OUR BUDGET PROPOSAL: Maintain spending on HIV/AIDS services and the State AIDS Institute. Read more here.

 THE ISSUE: Too many youth are homeless without shelter and at high risk for HIV infection.
3,800 homeless youth
 OUR BUDGET PROPOSAL: Increase funding for runaway and homeless youth services. Read more here.

 THE ISSUE: Too many HIV-positive New Yorkers are going hungry.
A 47% cut in pantry bags = 13,000 fewer meals.
OUR BUDGET PROPOSAL: Protect funding for Hunger Prevention and Nutrition Assistance Programs (HPNAP). Read more here.

THE ISSUE: Funding does not meet the demand for HIV Services.
25% drop in State funding to GMHC over the past 5 years.
OUR BUDGET PROPOSAL: Restore cuts to HIV/AIDS Services. Read more here.

10,000 New Yorkers with AIDS pay upwards of 70% of their income on rent.
OUR BUDGET PROPOSAL: Implement a 30% rent cap. Read more here.