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"I was dealing with a death diagnosis"

In this video, we learn how the result of an HIV test can lead to a new reality. When every aspect of a person’s life, their plans and  future are turned upside down, how does one regain control over their life? Thanks to donations like yours, GMHC is able to provide a variety of services, from one-on-one and group counseling, to a work-force development program to other life-sustaining programs that both help clients address the issues surrounding an HIV diagnosis and build a community of individuals experiencing similar issues together.  

"I came here desperate"
For many with an HIV diagnosis, stigma, discrimination and other overwhelming factors can make facing a life with HIV or AIDS seem unbearable.
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With your help, we can continue to open our doors to those in need , providing support to improve health and wellbeing. Your support helps us  continue to offer free HIV testing and education.  Together, we will continue to advocate for thousands of men, women and families affected by HIV and AIDS.

We hope you will be inspired by Osvaldo’s story.  Thank you for your generosity.