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Giving Opportunities

President's Council ($25,000 +)

Members of the President's Council demonstrate an extraordinary commitment and willingness to designate personal resources to lead the way to real and lasting change. These donors help GMHC to fulfill its mission of improving lives by mobilizing the caring power of our community. We salute their vision, leadership, and dedication.

Friends for Life ($1000 – $24,999)

GMHC's Friends for Life Annual Fund, in many ways, comprises the very core of GMHC's essential private support base. Not only does the annual fund generate consistent and dependable revenue, it also sets an example of the kind of committed philanthropy GMHC has inspired and depended upon for many years.

Allies ($500 – $999)

GMHC Allies is a giving program that was launched in 2005 with 19 donors, and today has over 300. It is through their support that GMHC continues to grow to meet the ever-growing needs of our clients and community.

For more information please contact and the phone number to 212-267-1386.