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GMHC Mourns the Loss of Ellie Barr, Beloved Hotline Volunteer

EllieBeloved long-time Hotline volunteer and life-long political activist, Elinor "Ellie" Barr died on Sunday, October 13. Brooklyn-born, Ellie's extensive political activism included free-speech advocacy that resulted in expulsion from high school and participation in a London protest that found her carted off in a paddy wagon.  She worked with Brooklyn CORE for union integration and was a member in the peace movement for over 65 years including Grandmothers for Peace protesting regularly in Times Square.  A GMHC Hotline volunteer since 1998, Ellie was legendary as a counselor who skillfully and compassionately counseled a wide range of people about life-saving information on HIV/AIDS, safer sex and sexual orientation.  Ellie's face always lit up when talking about another passion - her love of children, including her three children, David, Daniel and Rachel, and three grandchildren about whom she often shared her delight.  Ellie was among the early faculty at Kingsborough Community College where she taught early childhood education for 40 years. David Barr, who first suggested Hotline volunteering to Ellie, was an integral staff member of GMHC for a number of years and continues his HIV/AIDS activism globally.  Ellie loved literature, film and the music of John Coltrane.  Ultimately, Ellie made an exemplary difference in the lives of thousands of people.   Ellie shared herself with all of us and will live on in our memories.  Details of a memorial service to be provided.


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