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Presidential Report 2016

2016 Presidential Report

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On December 3, 2015, GMHC sent all of the candidates running for president
at that time our candidate survey via email. The campaigns were informed of the
deadline of January 18, 2016, and that GMHC would publish their responses without
any edits. All campaigns were informed of our intention to share with the country
which candidates did not respond to our survey.

Our survey is a concise, nonexhaustive list of questions based on:

  • The goals and plans of the National HIV/AIDS Strategy;
  • Research such as the NIAID Strategic Timing of AntiRetroviral Treatment;
  • (START) study, the World Health Organization’s Early Release Guidelines and the development of PrEP and PEP;
  • Our 33 years of experience on the ground.

Before the first votes are cast in the primary season, voters need to know how these
candidates will manage one of the worst epidemics on the planet. Our survey gave
candidates the ability to answer each question in their own words, so they could inform
the public on their policies for treating and preventing HIV and AIDS. Some of them
responded, and some of them did not.