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Treatment Issues

Treatment Issues was a quarterly magazine for people living with HIV that covered timely HIV prevention and policy issues. In 2014 GMHC began publishing a new and expanded quarterly magazine, SeroZero.

Index of Issues: 2008 to Present


December 2013 (PDF)
How to Beat an Outbreak

September 2013 (PDF)
Untangling the Intersection of HIV & Trauma: Why It Matters and What We Can Do

June 2013 (PDF)
Next steps for PrEP: Getting a Proven Prevention Option to the People Who Need Itg

March 2013
The HIV/AIDS and Cancer Community Research Collaboration


September 2012 (PDF)
Adenovirus-based vaccines against HIV: A look at how the immune system could be trained to combat HIV; Curing HIV, an effort renewed

June 2012 (PDF)
The State of ADAP: Improvements and stresses continue

March 2012 (PDF)
A Year of Highs and Lows in PrEP: Breaking down the data and decisions from 2011


December 2011 (PDF)
Disability and HIV: Eliminating Barriers to Sexual Health Care and Education

September 2011 (PDF)
ARVs as Prevention: Great promise and the the questions that remain

June 2011 (PDF)
Covalent vaccination and catalytic antibodies: A new way of looking at an HIV vaccine

March 2011 (PDF)
HIV and Inflammation


December 2010 (PDF)
The Role of ARVs in HIV Prevention: Microbicides and PrEP

September 2010 (PDF)
Antiretroviral Medications in the Pipeline; Anal Cancer Increasing among People Living with HIV

June 2010 (PDF)
Aging with Complex Chronic Disease: The Wrinkled Face of AIDS

March 2010 (PDF)
Understanding the results of RV144, the Thai prime-boost AIDS vaccine trial; Lifting the HIV entry ban: what it means on the ground


December 2009 (PDF)
Gender inequality and corrective rape of women who have sex with women; Men who have sex with men and the global HIV/AIDS epidemic

September 2009 (PDF)
Anal cancer, HIV, and gay/bisexual men; State of the HIV epidemic among MSM in Los Angeles

June 2009 (PDF)
The impact of crystal methamphetamine use on HIV-positive individuals; The promise of preexposure prophylaxis

March 2009 (PDF)
Treatment for women and prevention for infants: Can't we do both?; Interview with Myron Cohen, MD


December 2008 (PDF)
Living with HIV, Dying of Tuberculosis; Food insecurity, malnutrition and HIV/AIDS treatment: A global perspective; Transgender people, hormonal therapy, and HIV treatment interaction

October 2008 (PDF)
AIDS Drug Assistance Programs: A Lifeline for People with HIV; The Coming Crisis

September 2008 (PDF)
Less Silence Around Anal Intercourse, More Science for Rectal Microbicides; A Call to Action: The U.S. is Past Due for a National AIDS Strategy

July/August 2008 (PDF)
Anti-gay oppression undermines prevention efforts targeting MSM around the world; Microbicides trials produce mixed results, raise ethical issues

April 2008 (PDF)
Human Rights and HIV/AIDS in Brazil; AIDS Vaccine Update: Questions after candidate fails in the STEP study; Migration and HIV in Africa: Challenges and recommendations